Specialist Bariatric Surgery Care

I specialise in the management of patients who are undergoing/have undergone Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery). Bariatric surgery is an area I am particularly passionate about. I have witnessed first hand the struggles and judgement  people suffering from obesity are faced with on a daily basis, and how this surgery can break them free of this and provide a new life trajectory. There is a misconception that bariatric surgery is taking the easy way out, however this is simply not the case. Bariatric surgery is a tool, not an overnight quick fix. Long term durable weight loss comes to those who use the surgery as a tool and make the required changes to their nutrition, exercise and overall relationship with food. 


Obesity is a chronic disease needing ongoing assessment and management. For this reason we often say that a patient who has undergone weight loss surgery is never discharged from the team, as long term follow up will always be required to ensure long term sustainable weight loss. 

I manage patients undergoing primary procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass as well as revisional procedures. I also work with endocrinology and psychology. Endocrinologists are  specialist doctors who can assist in managing hunger hormones through the use of targeted medications. Psychologists are experts in behaviour change and overcoming barriers that have inhibited successful weight loss and a positive relationship with food in the past. 

As the Dietitian my care includes the implementation of the pre-operative diet, post operative food texture upgrades and optimisation of long term food tolerance, meeting of nutritional needs and sustainable weight loss. My care also includes the interpretation of blood test results and vitamin and mineral supplementation prescription. I will usually have 1-2 pre-operative appointments with a patient and 6 post operative appointments in the first 12 months post surgery. From here I recommend at least 2 appointments per year up until 5 years post surgery, as patients generally struggle the most with weight regain between 2 to 5 years following surgery.