• Jacinta King

Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Rice paper rolls are one of my favourite recipes as they are just so versatile:

  • You can eat them for lunch or dinner (or even a snack).

  • They're suitable for kids lunch boxes (+ kids love rolling their own).

  • The colours from all the different salad ingredients make them look appealing and appetising.

  • And you can pretty much fill them with whatever you like!

In the picture above, the key salad ingredients I used were:

  • Carrot

  • Red capsicum

  • Green capsicum

  • Yellow capsicum

  • Red onion

  • Lettuce

  • Purple cabbage

  • + I also had coriander

I stir fried up some chicken breast in soy sauce with some crushed garlic and ginger to pop into the rolls as well. I then had some sweet chilli sauce for dipping on the side, which I highly recommend to maximise the taste!

The rice paper's themself can get quite sticky - if you use cold water instead of warm water to soften them, they usually go less sticky and are easier to fold! So load up on what ever salad ingredients and meat you like and roll away!

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