• Jacinta King

Mexican Stuffed Capsicums

Updated: Apr 16, 2020


  • 1x red capsicum

  • 1x green capsicum

  • 1x yellow capsicum

  • 1x brown onion

  • 3x carrots

  • 500g lean beef mince

  • 400g tin crushed tomato

  • 400g tin red kidney beans (strained and rinsed)

  • 300g tin corn kernels (strained and rinsed)

  • 1x sachet Chile con carne seasoning

  • 1x 250g microwave sachet of combined brown rice and quinoa

  • Fresh coriander to top

  • Cheese of your choice to top (e.g. cheddar/feta/ricotta/cottage)

  • Water

  • Australian extra virgin olive oil


  1. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius (combined fan force and top grill option).

  2. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

  3. Slice capsicums in half as per picture. Scoop out seeds and membranes, and discard. Place capsicum halves on baking tray and put aside.

  4. Chop up the onion and carrot. Stir fry in a pan with a little Australian extra virgin olive until browned.

  5. Add the beef mince to the pan and cook until browned.

  6. Add the crushed tomato, kidney beans and corn - mix through.

  7. Add the Chile con carne seasoning and a dash of water as per packet guidelines. Simmer until liquid thickens up.

  8. While the beef mix is simmering, heat the rice and quinoa sachet in the microwave. Once cooked, mix through beef mix and let simmer for a further couple of minutes.

  9. Spoon beef mix into capsicum halves and top with cheese. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until edge of capsicums are brown. Rubbing a little olive oil onto the top edge of the capsicums can help make them brown.

  10. Serve with fresh coriander on top.

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